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Janet Woods, instructor

Vibrational sound therapy can retune your body, mind, and spirit, encouraging relaxation, healing, and wellness. When relaxing through soothing sound and vibration, your body is affected on a cellular level, opening energy flow to move you back toward healthy alignment. Stress creates an unhealthy flow of energy, first appearing as low energy in your aura, and, later, as ill health, mentally and physically. The benefits of vibrational sound therapy are numerous. Learn the history of tuning forks, how to hold, strike, and activate tuning forks, and how to use weighted tuning forks on the body. Class does not include tuning forks and you do not need to purchase them before class; instructor can provide recommendations for students interested in purchasing. Anyone can learn Vibrational Sound Therapy and use this protocol for self-care, on friends, family, and clients. Includes manual and certification upon completion of class.

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Vibrational Sound Healing with Tuning Forks Certification Workshop
10:00AM to 2:00PM
Jul 25, 2024
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Course Fee non-credit $79.00
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Jul 18, 2024
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Jul 18, 2024
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