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Kim Levin has photographed and authored 21 dog and cat photography gift books which have been published in eight languages and sold over a million copies worldwide, and she loves sharing her skills and knowledge with students.

This interactive and immersive course is designed for the photo enthusiast who wants to go beyond the technical aspects of their digital camera. Review the camera basics of ISO, aperture, speed settings, depth of field, but the primary focus of the course will be learning how framing, lighting, angles and perspective can enhance your photographic subject whether you are shooting a portrait or landscape. Learn to use texture, lines, colors, and shadows to compose the kinds of photographs you have always wanted to take. Delight in how to see things in a new way through the lens of your camera. Please bring your Nikon or Canon DSLR to class and be prepared to go outdoors on the Brookdale campus and photograph the surrounding settings utilizing and practicing the concepts discussed. How you compose your images can tell a story and showcase your unique perspective as a photographer. Please remember to bring your camera manual to class or be able to access it on your phone. 

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Photo Composition: Showcase Your Unique Perspective
10:00AM to 12:00PM
Jul 08, 2023 to Jul 15, 2023
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Course Fee non-credit $79.00
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Jul 01, 2023
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Jul 01, 2023
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