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A 30-minute film presentation of the documentary, Blue Like Me: The Art of Sonia Benjamin followed by a talk by the artist

Blue Like Me profiles Siona Benjamin, an exciting artist working today. She is a Bene Israel Jew from Mumbai, India. Most of her family migrated to Israel while she was living in Chile, and she began to wonder: “What is home?” Now she creates art to answer that question. The film follows the artist home to Mumbai to meet her Bene Israel community and explore the effects of the 2008 terror attacks. In searching the planet for her home, she finds that the planet is her home – vast, vibrant, and blue.

Benjamin’s paintings draw from classical traditions of both the East and the West. They attempt to bridge the gap between these diverse artistic worlds. Her works are a blend of Mughal and Persian miniatures, Christian and Jewish illuminated manuscripts, and mythology. Along with traditional elements are hints of Bollywood films and comic books, as well as contemporary pop art. As a result, her unique imagery transcends cultures, religions, and nations.

Benjamin’s works are visually dazzling and thematically provocative. Through narrative, mythology, and blended visual traditions, they draw attention to the human costs of our conflict-riven world. Art World

Includes coffee and dessert

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